Good Business With Your Partner

Working with my husband for over 10 years and time as a small business consultant, spousal relationships can be a huge challenge. Getting the right balance between work and home and your personal relationship is not easy. This book is a reflection of many of the struggles that we had to overcome working together.

Enjoy a productive and harmonious business life together. Couples working together face unique challenges in marrying their personal lives with their business lives. Good Business with Your Partner is about working well together in a way that enhances your relationship but also makes you powerful business partners that enjoy each other and business life.

The Good Business with Your Partner content is designed to give you clarity, focus and strategies around crucial areas that are often neglected in the busyness of business, but can have a negative effect on the health and harmony of your daily business life.


*Whose vision is it, *Who is really in charge

* Making spending decisions. *A united front with staff

* Resolving your differences, *Your money personality

* Learning to keep the stress down, *Work/Life Balance

This E Book finishes off with a workbook for you to explore these areas in your business.

E Book only $25.00. Hardcover not available. While not an overtly Christian book, it is biblically based.

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